Powerline and Pipeline Survey


Airborne Solutions utilises the helicopter to conduct survey operations on power and pipeline assets.


The helicopter allows for safety, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness in surveying network assets, vegetation and for human interference.

Airborne Solutions can help you manage your network through several different methods.


This patrol is slow and in-depth with the helicopter stopping at every asset and conducting a detailed inspection. The helicopter may also use a LIDAR or thermal camera to gain different types of data depending on requirements.


The asset patrol allows for fast efficient inspection of assets and vegetation on power line networks and pipelines. The helicopter is able to cover hundreds of kilometres in a short amount of time giving a thorough overview of the asset being inspected.


After storms and cyclones, the helicopter is the perfect means to quickly inspect assets and ascertain any damages that they have received. The helicopter can also be used to transfer crews or sling poles or equipment to sites inaccessible by road.

Airborne Solutions utilises;

  • Onboard computer moving maps with power network overlays linked to GPS
  • Global Positioning System (GPS)
  • Sat phones
  • LIDAR or Thermal cameras when required
  • Mobile refuelling vehicles to reduce ferry time and cost

Airborne Solutions pilots have thousands of hours patrolling networks across Australia. They have been involved in establishing quality inspection systems for several major power suppliers in Queensland and New South Wales. Contact the Operations Department to discuss your network needs.